It’s always a good time to embrace your feminine side! If you’re looking to try some girly, flirty looks, you’ve come to the right place. Your new style won’t be complete without the right coquette bags to add the finishing touch. We’ve curated a list of our favorite coquette purses that instantly infuse an extra dose of femininity into your outfits.

What is the Coquette Aesthetic?

The word “coquette” is taken from the French, meaning “a flirt.” A coquette knows how to use her charms to get what she desires from men. However, this trend is much more about individuals embracing their feminine side than charming men with coquette aesthetic outfits. For so long, people have been put down for being girly, with anything feminine not being taken seriously. Fashion enthusiasts embracing the coquette aesthetic are reclaiming femininity as a positive, showing their strength while wearing soft details and elegant styles.

These outfits often involve pastel colors, floral prints, and vintage corsets. Soft details are everything—think puff sleeves, lace, pearls, and bows. Ballet flats and chunky heels complete these looks. Many people take inspiration from past historical eras, such as the Victorian period, when putting together coquette outfits. The key to getting this style right is to stay playful, sweet, and romantic with your coquette aesthetic outfits and accessories.

The Best Coquette Bags

1. The Evening Bag

These make ideal coquette purses because evening bags tend to be elegant with slender, dainty straps. You’ll find a wide array of options, but to stay in line with the coquette style, it’s best to stay with soft colors and girly designs. If dainty straps aren’t for you, we also love the trend of pearl straps as well, adding a dose of boldness to an otherwise soft aesthetic. Aim for soft colors, like cream and pastels, as well as girly designs.

Model carrying a white evening coquette bag

2. Bags With Bows

Bows are a major trend within coquette aesthetic outfits. From dainty, little bows adorning a sundress to giant bows on the back of a dress or holding hair back, bows of all kinds truly get the spirit of coquette fashion. Whether you find a bag with a delicate bow tying together a drawstring pouch or a purse with a bold statement bow, you’ll be right in line with the coquette aesthetic.

Model carrying a coquette aesthetic outfit tote bag

3. Pink Purses

Pink is widely regarded as the most feminine color, automatically making any colorful pink purse perfect for the coquette style. You can go all in on the pink with your entire coquette aesthetic outfit, wearing a pink dress and pink shoes with your pink coquette bag. Or, make pink the accent color, such as wearing a white dress with a pink purse.

Model in a pink coquette aesthetic outfit

4. Floral Themes

Bring the garden to your coquette outfit! Florals are the epitome of coquette fashion. Embrace the theme of flowers with coquette purses shaped like a flower, such as a rose or a daisy! You can also find fashion purses with flowers designed on them, or bags with butterflies or birds to complement a floral-themed dress.

A rose-shaped purse, perfect for coquette aesthetic outfits

5. Hearts Are Everything

Just as pink is considered a feminine color, hearts are also heavily associated with girlhood and coquette aesthetic outfits. If you go looking for heart-shaped luxury purses, chances are you’ll find them in shades of white, pink, and red—also perfect for coquette outfits. Consider pairing one of these bags with a sweet dress with soft details like lace or frills.

Model holding heart-shaped coquette purse

6. Clutches and Wristlets

Clutches and wristlets are another style of purse that is innately feminine, making them well-suited for any coquette outfit. These delicately small and pretty coquette bags can be added to any outfit, especially if you choose a color like white, cream, or pastel pink. These can be more casual or accompany coquette aesthetic outfits for parties and other dressier occasions.

Model holding pink wristlet, perfect for coquette aesthetic outfits

7. Release Your Inner Siren

Going for a truly enchanting look? Sirens are the pinnacle of the female flirt, so why not go for a sweet nautical theme with your coquette outfit? Not all coquette styles need to be pink—try finding dainty dresses and skirts in pastel shades of blue, teal, and purple. Then, add a marine-themed purse that seals the deal, such as one that is shell-shaped or pearl-esque.

A shell-shaped coquette bag

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