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At the heart of the old money aesthetic is the Ivy League university, the Hamptons during the summer season, and the classic luxury of those who wear their wealth without fanfare. A quick review of designer Ralph Lauren’s collections since 1967 tells the story of the old money look and his indelible influence in creating it. Icons of old money include luminaries like Jackie Onassis, Princess Diana, and Grace Kelly. All were sleekly coiffed, minimally made up, and dressed in subtle, neutral classics.
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Leather, lace, mesh, chain, fishnet hosiery, tulle, and chiffon. All these are elements of dark glam, an aesthetic enjoying a serious resurgence in fashion right now. Dark glam is nothing new. In fact, it’s the revival of an impulse started by a famous fashion designer. Are you ready to style an all-black outfit that rocks women’s party and evening wear with a jolt of luxe texture and dangerous sensuality?

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You can bet that no matter what type of mom your mother is, she loves to look fashionable. Let’s dive into our Mother’s Day guide on the best purses for moms that are fit for the queen who gave birth to you!

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Putting your best foot forward at work is how you go places. Climb the corporate ladder with vegan work bags from Urban Expressions, giving all the trends you crave in animal-friendly materials. Our well-constructed bags offer affordable luxury to the woman on her way to C-Suite or wherever else she wants to go!

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Whatever plans you have for spring break, you’re definitely getting your fashion on! Urban Expressions has all the on-trend style you need for your spring break getaway.
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Valentine’s Day calls for an extra infusion of glamour, especially when you have a special night planned. Urban Expressions has all the glamour you can handle in our collections of animal-friendly and trendy handbags. Let’s review these gorgeous options and find you the perfect bag to complement your Valentine’s Day look!
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As winter draws near, it’s time to start thinking about the stylish purses you’ll accessorize your cool winter looks with. An Urban Expressions purse seals your sling with a multifunctional, trendy flair that stays abreast of fashion. Made exclusively of vegan materials, our luxury vegan handbags are the fusion of fashion and ethics.

Let’s take a deep dive into our Winter Lookbook, talking about styling, our collections, and handbags that warm winter’s chill with high-end style. We’ll introduce you to the handbags you need for the coming season and ways to wear them that secure your place as a fashion icon!

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If the mention of New Year’s Eve parties gets you excited, you’re not alone. NYE is a night of parties, fun, and high spirits. It’s your time to sparkle and shine! Urban Expressions brings you all the sparkly New Year’s Eve fashion you need to greet the coming year in high style. Check out our New Year’s Eve outfit ideas to get started on your show-stopping party look for the big night!
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The holidays are nearer than you think, and Urban Expressions has some beautiful Christmas gift ideas for women, from stunning, jewel-like evening bags to luxury vegan handbags for work, play, and every other moment of her life. Let’s look at some of the many gorgeous possibilities in our collections of animal-friendly, trendy handbags with our top picks for the season!

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Soon, the heat of summer will recede and the leaves will begin to fall. As the air grows crisp, our thoughts turn to autumn fashion in scarves, coats, boots, and, of course, cute fall purses! At Urban Expressions, our tremendous selection of vegan purses means you’re spoiled for choice, with the perfect bag for every occasion in animal-friendly materials. Let’s see what’s hot in fall handbags at Urban Expressions!
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Fall is closer than you think it is and soon you’ll be embarking on the adventure of college! It’s time you found out about Urban Expressions and our high-quality, trendy backpacks. But there’s so much more here for young scholars. Tote bags are the ideal carriers for the books you’ll be hauling around your college campus. With a diverse selection of affordable trendy handbags at Urban Expressions, you’re spoiled for choice. Let’s talk about how to style functional and fashionable bags for college and find you the perfect fit!

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The earth needs our love, so Urban Expressions sources textiles ethically to create purses from recycled materials. Instead of virgin polyamide (commonly called “nylon”), we use Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) polyamide, a more sustainable alternative, to create our collections of trendy handbags

Certified by the Textile Exchange, the manufacturing process for nylon recycling from material reclamation to finished product is closely monitored. Exploiting textile waste, discarded fishing nets, and other recyclables, RCS polyamide meets the Global Recycled Standard as established and monitored by the Textile Exchange. RCS polyamide also reduces Urban Expressions’ carbon footprint by decreasing the environmental impact of the processes involved in virgin nylon production.

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This blog is your premier styling resource for Urban Expressions’ purses. On our handbag blog, you’ll find all the breaking fashion news and tips for assembling your best look with our luxurious collections. From seasonal lookbooks to style guides that share tricks and secrets, you’ll discover a wealth of helpful information here. Urban Expressions designs and creates handbags that feature superior style, functionality, and affordability. Beautifully crafted in varieties of aesthetics, all our bags and purses are made from animal-friendly materials, so your stylish presentation is achieved with a clear conscience. With Urban Expressions, you change the world, stylishly!

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Because we know you care about animal welfare, Urban Expressions works exclusively in vegan leather and other animal-friendly materials. We’re PETA-affiliated, so we’re committed to bringing you the latest trends, free of animal exploitation. We match that commitment to a dedication to the highest quality, offering you well-constructed purses. Here on our blog, you’ll find out more about Urban Expressions’ diverse collections, but you’ll also find guides that help you present our stylish bags. With Urban Expressions, your conscience is clear, your look is on point, and you’re styling it right with the trendy tips from our handbag blog.

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You’re going places, and you’re going in style. Urban Expressions brings you ethical luxury with a collection of on-trend handbag styles for any aesthetic and any occasion. Thoughtfully designed and well-constructed, you can take an Urban Expressions bag anywhere. For work, play, sport, travel, or anything else you’re up to, we’ve got the luxury vegan handbag for your taste. With the hottest news here on our blog, you’ll be in the fashion moment, styling your Urban Expressions purses with confidence. Enjoy browsing our lookbooks and guides, and don’t forget to sign up for our rewards program if you haven’t already!