Spring is peeking around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about spring bags and how they mesh with fashion trends. In our trend-faithful lookbook, we’ll review the hottest new pieces and how to wear these emerging looks with the ideal purse from our luxury vegan handbag collections at Urban Expressions. Let’s get down to some serious styling!

Cutout Apparel With Sparkly, Evening Clutches

A woman in black evening dress with cutouts holds a sparkly spring bag

This is the year of “peek-a-boo” with cutouts showing up in fashion collections everywhere. Some cutouts offer a peek of flesh. Others are modestly filled in with mesh or sheer fabric. But one thing’s for sure, this is a sexy, sophisticated look that demands an equally sophisticated spring bag. An evening bag from our Sparkle & Shine collection makes a bold statement in colorful, textured fabrics, embellished with glittering rhinestones or shimmers. Sleekly compact, clutches can be carried in the hand or worn with the chain strap. This first purse style in our spring lookbook is tailor-made for women who like to turn heads.

Plaid Blazers With Tote Bags for Work

A woman in a plaid blazer wears a black spring bag over her arm.

The exuberance of plaid sets the tone this spring, bouncing across everything from jackets to flowing trousers and smart little dresses. The crispness of plaid of all sizes against a field of red, tan, or black captures the abundant life of spring, as the world transitions from the cold of winter. Ideal for work, pair your plaid with a structured spring bag like a large satchel from our Vegan Work Tote Bag collection. Or, don’t be afraid to add an accessory with plaid in a different size or color. Tie a plaid scarf to your Urban Expressions handbag or add a pair of ultra-trendy ballerina flats to crush two trends with one outfit! This second style from our spring lookbook is for up-and-comers who accentuate the positive.

90s/Y2K Fashion & Baguette Bags

A woman in cow print pants holding a silver 90s baguette bag

Spring promises a crop of bedazzled, animal-print jeans for the Y2K in you. The 90s and 2000s fashion are back, and this iteration comes with all the historic trimmings popularized during this bygone era. Seen on runways everywhere from Fendi to Marc Jacobs, colorful Y2K fashion invites you to pull those baguette bags out of retirement. Spring’s “Little Bag'' accompanies this look naturally, so choose a compact, shimmery bag from our Vegan Shoulder Bag collection. Or, catch the scent of teen spirit with a furry purse from our collection of plush spring bags. Y2K is a versatile trend from our spring lookbook just crying out for your personal spin.

Old Hollywood Gold Glamour

A woman’s hands hold the handle of a gold evening spring bag in a black dress

If you haven’t seen Miley Cyrus’s latest video for her hit single, Flowers, then you’re probably the last person on earth who hasn’t. And you’ve yet to fall in love with the hooded gold two-piece gown she wears in it. It’s the hood that brings the look home. Redolent of Old Hollywood glamor, you’ll see hoods on everything this year. But the evening looks take nostalgia for more elegant times to the limit — especially in extravagant gold! Pair this high-glamor look with the subtle sheen of the gold spring bags found in our Wedding Purse collection. This level of chic mystery demands an equally chic handbag. Don’t forget to pair your look with sleek, sparkling heels to make an entrance no one will forget!

Spring Belt Bags With Cargo Pants


Cargo pants always seem to be on standby for a comeback. But in 2023, they mean business, with new silhouettes bringing a familiar friend to our spring lookbook that’s taken on a fresh makeover. Cargo pants are also breeding spin-offs this spring with large cargo pockets showing up on jackets and vests as well as trousers. And traditional camo is just one option! This year’s cargos are in solids and fine fabrics like silk and linen. Pair your cargos with a waist bag from our Vegan Belt Bag collection or with a sleek vegan backpack for your weekend meanderings. Cargo pants break the mold, amping up your street style.

Shake It Up With Fringe!

Woman in black evening dress holds fringe spring bag

All those filmy, fringed chiffon beach wraps can be fished out and given new life because 2023 is the year of fringe! You’ll find fringe on everything from traditional “Davy Crockett” suede jackets to skirts, scarves, and earrings. Everywhere you look, fringe is adding the grace of movement to all kinds of clothing and accessories. Get in touch with your inner flapper with a fringe-covered dress, paired with the chic purses from our Evening Clutch collection. Whether you’re fringed up to the eyeballs or sporting a pair of fringed statement accessories, Urban Expressions brings you the spring bags that elevate the trend.

This spring lookbook is just the beginning of what’s in store at Urban Expressions. Browse our diverse, trend-relevant collections to find the perfect spring bags for your fashion-savvy wardrobe.

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