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Picture it—sand, sun, a clear blue sky, and you—on the beach, at the BBQ, or off on a spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway. At Urban Expressions, there’s a bag for all those occasions and more with our incredible selection of on-trend summer beach bags and purses for your trailblazing lifestyle.

Whatever you’re doing, Urban Expressions has exactly the right vegan leather handbag, with a continually evolving selection of multifunctional, trendy purses. So, let’s see what’s in store for your sun-drenched summer!

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Now that spring’s well in progress, the wedding season has arrived in full swing. Any minute, those invitations should start rolling in. So, it’s time to start thinking about styling your wedding attire with Urban Expressions’ luxury collections of wedding guest purses. Let’s look at some of the types of venues weddings take place in during this season of love. Then, let’s find the right wedding guest and bridesmaid’s purses to rock the wedding with an on-trend style.
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Whenever you’re shopping, you’ll find a dizzying array of different types of handbags. It’s often the case that you’ll see something you like but feel unsure about how to style it and where it fits into your look. We’ve got you covered!

Let this post support your conscious style evolution with tips for how to wear and style some of the many different types of bags for women that Urban Expressions has on tap. And you’ll do it all guilt-free with our unique dedication to animal-friendly materials.

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As you’re packing for your next vacation, you’re probably only thinking about the totes you’ll need to hold all your clothing. But what about the purses and bags that are essential while you’re exploring a resort town or heading to the local beaches? Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you won’t need to bring practical essentials with you like you do when you’re on-the-go at home!

If you’re at a loss for which vacation purses to bring with you, don’t worry. Urban Expressions is here with a selection of seven essentials for you to consider – depending on your vacation plans for tours, relaxation, and nights on the town. Check out our recommendations and discover weekender bags, vacation crossbody bags, and more!

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Spring is peeking around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about spring bags and how they mesh with fashion trends. In our trend-faithful lookbook, we’ll review the hottest new pieces and how to wear these emerging looks with the ideal purse from our luxury vegan handbag collections at Urban Expressions. Let’s get down to some serious styling!
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This blog is your premier styling resource for Urban Expressions’ purses. On our handbag blog, you’ll find all the breaking fashion news and tips for assembling your best look with our luxurious collections. From seasonal lookbooks to style guides that share tricks and secrets, you’ll discover a wealth of helpful information here. Urban Expressions designs and creates handbags that feature superior style, functionality, and affordability. Beautifully crafted in varieties of aesthetics, all our bags and purses are made from animal-friendly materials, so your stylish presentation is achieved with a clear conscience. With Urban Expressions, you change the world, stylishly!

Vegan Leather Handbag Styles

Because we know you care about animal welfare, Urban Expressions works exclusively in vegan leather and other animal-friendly materials. We’re PETA-affiliated, so we’re committed to bringing you the latest trends, free of animal exploitation. We match that commitment to a dedication to the highest quality, offering you well-constructed purses. Here on our blog, you’ll find out more about Urban Expressions’ diverse collections, but you’ll also find guides that help you present our stylish bags. With Urban Expressions, your conscience is clear, your look is on point, and you’re styling it right with the trendy tips from our handbag blog.

Style It Right With Urban Expressions

You’re going places, and you’re going in style. Urban Expressions brings you ethical luxury with a collection of on-trend handbag styles for any aesthetic and any occasion. Thoughtfully designed and well-constructed, you can take an Urban Expressions bag anywhere. For work, play, sport, travel, or anything else you’re up to, we’ve got the luxury vegan handbag for your taste. With the hottest news here on our blog, you’ll be in the fashion moment, styling your Urban Expressions purses with confidence. Enjoy browsing our lookbooks and guides, and don’t forget to sign up for our rewards program if you haven’t already!