Now that spring’s well in progress, the wedding season has arrived in full swing. Any minute, those invitations should start rolling in. So, it’s time to start thinking about styling your wedding attire with Urban Expressions’ luxury collections of wedding guest purses. Let’s look at some of the types of venues weddings take place in during this season of love. Then, let’s find the right wedding guest and bridesmaid’s purses to rock the wedding with an on-trend style.

 1. A Botanical Garden (Spring)

    Lavender, fuzzy wedding guest purse

    Brimming with the bounty of new life, your local botanical garden is the ideal location for a spring wedding. With flowers blooming and plant life at its glorious best, you’d be hard-pressed to find a venue more romantic.

    Capture the season’s effervescence with soft pastel hues in our evening clutches collection. Align with the energy of flowers blooming and green grass bursting forth with vegan leather purses. This trend-relevant collection offers numerous options for wedding guest purses, and bridesmaid’s purses that complement the scenery are just the ticket. Choose from a wide variety of textures from fluffy fabric to quilted vegan leather and a rainbow of soft colors.

    2. A Beach or Yacht (Summer)

    Pink mosaic wedding guest purse on gold chain

    Summer weddings are just right when celebrated at the beach or on a yacht, with waves crashing and the sun brightly shining. But the setting demands the casualness of the season, so select from our vacation handbag collection to find a bag that speaks of surf and sand. Picture bridesmaids’ purses fashioned of cool straw or a wedding guest purse slung casually over a shoulder.

    The beach in summer is a place to let your hair down. Perfect for that relaxed vibe is a summer wedding clutch or a wristlet that adds insouciant charm to your ensemble. With our animal-friendly purses, you get the quality of top-grade materials like vegan leather, dressing you in an ethical, on-trend style.

    3. A Ranch or Barn (Spring)

    rhinestone fringe wedding-guest-purse

    A ranch or barn venue calls for straw purses or Western-accented bags — it’s only fitting! So, leverage the cowgirl vibe with wedding guest purses made of woven fabrics or adorned with Western fringe. From subtle, earthy straw to “look at me” rhinestone fringe, Urban Expressions has summer wedding clutches that set off your look with well-constructed, trendy luxury.

    4. A National Heritage Site (Spring)

    baby blue wedding guest purse

    From religious gathering places to fine, historical homes, there are myriad heritage buildings all over the USA which lend themselves to memorable weddings. For a wedding with a touch of gravitas, citing your special day in a U.S. heritage site calls for plucking satin bridesmaid’s purses from our Sparkle and Shine collection.

    Moody interiors, wood paneling, and classic chandeliers demand a touch of elegance, so choose delicate, satin handbags. Here, you’ll find our luxurious, vegan satin-style bags dressed in finery that’s equal to the occasion. Add a final flourish to your wedding look with a wedding guest purse fit for the proud heritage of a stately building.

    5. A Winery (Late Summer)

    wedding guest purse gold chain

    Today, there are wineries all over. While most are concentrated in California, you’ll find wineries everywhere, particularly in vacation destinations. And what’s better than a wedding among the vines, plump with grapes ripening for the harvest?

    Capture the glory of harvest with bags that hint at the cooler weather coming in our Chain Reaction collection. The metallic glint of the chain elevates any bridesmaid’s purse, in quilted models that plushly accent your look. And this season is all about the chain, so work it in textured, woven, and chevron-stitched vegan leather purses that bring elegance to any winery wedding. This beautiful collection is where you’ll find the wedding guest purse that declares the opulence of Bacchus himself.

    6. A Desert (Summer)

    Candy pink straw wedding guest purse with gold chain, worn on the arm

    For a desert wedding that has a full-on festival vibe, you’re going to want a bridesmaid’s purse that will stand out against the neutral background of the desert. Pay homage to summer’s freedom with the brightest looks in our Color Pop collection or the Bohemian glory of our Festival collection

    Your purse may be bright and bold, slung across your shoulder, or dangling from your wrist. However you wear these multi-functional purses, you’re on point in ethical, animal-friendly materials. Because what a girl wants to be is a style star with a clear conscience. For wedding guest purses ready to party in the blazing sun, these colorful, Bohemian beauties hit just the right note of party girl glamor. Take the wedding off the hook with the footloose fun of these trend-relevant selections.

    Animal-Friendly Wedding Guest Purses

    Urban Expressions is committed to the ethical treatment of animals, sourcing the finest vegan leather in the world to create our well-constructed, multi-functional purses. The ideal purse for the woman on the rise is here, no matter where the wedding’s held! Love is in the air, so start sending in those RVSPs! Find your wedding guest purse here to leverage the style, functionality, and affordability of Urban Expressions.

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