Picture it—sand, sun, a clear blue sky, and you—on the beach, at the BBQ, or off on a spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway. At Urban Expressions, there’s a bag for all those occasions and more with our incredible selection of on-trend summer beach bags and purses for your trailblazing lifestyle.

Whatever you’re doing, Urban Expressions has exactly the right vegan leather handbag, with a continually evolving selection of multifunctional, trendy purses. So, let’s see what’s in store for your sun-drenched summer!

1. Totes To Carry It All

Woman in crochet crop top and capri length jeans holds a lilac straw tote

A day at the beach demands a bag that does it all. The best summer beach bags are the ones with room for everything you need, all while keeping you organized. Clever pouches that detach for easy access and slip pouches are only two of the high-function features you’ll find in our collection of vegan tote bags. Throw in a book, your sunscreen, and a towel, and you’re off to cultivate your tan.

Woven from straw or constructed of vegan leather, hung from a shoulder or carried demurely in your hand, an Urban Expressions tote is the ideal beach companion. Pair it with cutoffs and a crop top, a romper, or a bikini with a sheer cover-up.

2. The Best Bags For a Summer Music Festival

Woman in baby blue t-shirt and black jeans with black vegan leather backpack on her shoulder

The backpack is the summer music festival lover’s best friend. Whether you’re camping on-site or lodging nearby, having what you need when you need it is a fest-goers survival guide in a nutshell. Ever stylish, these vegan backpacks are loaded with functionality. Discover secret coin purses and slip pockets, zip pockets, and detachable straps. With one of these babies, you’ll always know where your stuff is.

Made from superb quality vegan leather, our backpacks look great with band tees, ripped jean shorts, and easy summer dresses. And with a place for everything you need, it’s a carefree festival experience for you! Form and function unite at Urban Expressions, with summer beach bag backpacks for every occasion.

3. Rave On, Hands-Free

a woman wearing a white sling bag

The best summer bags let you do you, while they take care of business. For rave style and practicality, there’s nothing like a vegan belt bag or crossbody sling to send an on-trend message that keeps your valuables where they belong.

Worn across and close to the body, the sling or belt bag is compact, freeing your hands to be where they need to be—in the air! And Urban Expressions ups the function game of our belt bags and slings with functional features like zipper pockets, mesh compartments, slip pockets, and more. You dance yourself to ecstasy, while we take care of your stuff in practical, on-trend style. From summer beach bags to practical rave solutions, Urban Expressions brings your summer what it needs to rock! Whether you’re in a day-glo bodysuit or a feather jacket over a bathing suit, you’re good to go with a practical sling or belt bag!

4. Summertime Rooftop Party

Woman in black evening dress, holds a large, sequinned, green purse to her temple

Summer’s your time to shine and a rooftop party is your moment to out-sparkle the stars! So, bust out that fringed party mini and those sky-high heels and grab a show-stopping sparkly clutch purse. Made exclusively of vegan leather and other animal-friendly materials, these twinkly confections add glittering glamor to your party outfit.

Go big or go tiny. With Urban Expressions, you’ll find all the functional details that make our summer beach bags and purses so sought after in these flirty little sparklers. And we do it without exploiting animals! We bring you the best summer bags in animal-friendly materials that sparkle, shine, and make you the glittering star of any summer party!

5. Sizzling Hot Summer Bags For BBQs

Woman in denim dress with bubble gum pink hobo bag over her shoulder

When you’re firing up the BBQ, what’s on the fashion menu? Summer beach bags aside, BBQs are usually casual with notable exceptions. But with an Urban Expressions fashion handbag riding shotgun, your status is assured.

Keep your purse casual with Urban Expressions hobos, crossbodies, and vegan shoulder bags. Go two-fisted, with a hot dog in one hand and a burger in the other, while your Urban Expressions handbag tells your style story, hands-free! Thoughtfully constructed from animal-friendly materials like nylon, vegan leather, and straw, you’ll find all the functionality and trend-relevant cookout style you need in our diverse collections. Pair your casual purse with a summer frock, shorts and sneaks, or go country in boots and jeans. Whatever you choose, you’ll be grilling in high style with Urban Expressions.

The Summer of Ethical Style

Urban Expressions brings you superior style, functionality, and affordability with our on-trend collections of luxury vegan handbags. From summer beach bags to sparkling evening clutches and backpacks to belt bags, we’ve got everything you need to make an ethical style statement this summer. And don’t forget to sign up for our Rewards Program! The trends you crave are at your fingertips!

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